About Me


I’m Matthew, a full stack web developer. I build and restore web and mobile applications.

Projects I have worked on include:

CoCode - an app designed for remote developers and students that locates locations that offer free WiFi service. The user logs in with their GitHub account via the Firebase GitHub AuthO and is also able to search for job opportunities.

Screenmatch - Co-developed a searchable database of cross-platform movies based on users personal preferences. Built using Restful APIs with Node.js and Express.

Burger Builder - Created a kiosk game app using Node.js, Express, and MySQL that enables users to submit a burger name for display and saving to a database. Deployed in Heroku.

JWT Express Boilerplate - Independently built a fully-secure API system using JSON Web Tokens with all data kept in a MongoDB database and middleware routed to protect API routes. Built this basic app to explore JWT for a future group project.

Mongo_Scraper_Newspaper_Edition - Built a scraper app using Mongoose and Cheerio npms app that requests a page from a news site and extracts desired content to MongoDB. It allows users to list prior extractions for display.

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